Kirkland Math Tutor – About

Mathematics is a form of reasoning and an ability to problem solve. At Kirkland Math Tutor we offer one-on-one and small-group specialized and custom tutoring tailored to learners of all ages, out of our Kirkland, WA location or online through virtual live tutoring. Upon an initial free thirty minute consultation we will figure out the best plan of action. We work with students as young as 10 and adults of all ages. Our tutors are highly experienced, qualified, and professional. We believe that with the proper instruction, everyone has the ability to be successful in math. And with success, confidence follows! You will notice a change in your attitude towards math.

We Find the Root Cause of the Struggle:

  • We identify the root of your struggle and begin there.
  • We provide carefully designed worksheets and practice assignments to  ensure math concepts are mastered.
  • Individualized attention ensures that gaps in mathematical foundations are identified and addressed.
  • Over time, and with continuous tutoring and practice, mastery is achieved.

We Build a Strong Base:

Often tutoring is chosen in the hopes of quickly eliminating a problem area. But a short-term fix doesn’t address the fundamental gaps in learning. We recognize that a student’s struggle likely stems from having missed earlier fundamental learning. This may mean taking a few steps back at first, to ensure this important learning is mastered, before moving forward.

If the missed fundamentals aren’t mastered, it leaves the door open to more struggles in the future and more tutors. We don’t stick to a prescribed curriculum, but rather navigate lessons based on need and attention to required areas of growth. We not only focus on content area growth, but also mathematical communication, enhancing mathematical vocabulary and ability to communicate in different forms of mathematical representation

How do we solve this problem?

You will first complete an assessment test to:

  • measure mastery to date,
  • identify gaps in learning,
  • and pinpoint the best individualized starting point.

Past examinations and material provided by you, can also be used as a substitution for Kirkland Math Tutor’s assessment.

How are we different from other tutors?

1 – Self-Learning (Meta-cognition)

  • We teach self-learning instead of passive learning.
  • We strive to teach students to learn how to learn in order to provide them with the key to longterm success and independent learning. 
  • Instead of solely explaining how to solve a problem (passive learning), we engage students through investigations to explore and discover patterns and rules in mathematics.

This is why struggles often resurface. Conversely, self-learning keeps students actively engaged. They learn by studying examples and then are able to do the work on their own. They’re learning by doing, not by watching, and they’re relying on themselves instead of on what the tutor knows.

2 – Keep them advancing

Most tutoring is accomplished when a learner catches up. But we feel accomplished when we keep them advancing. It may take longer to see results, but this little bit of study every day and ongoing mastery is how students succeed.

Over time:

  • you not only eliminate homework struggles,
  • you also build a foundation of knowledge, independence and confidence that will last a lifetime.

3 – We know how to teach math

We will teach you how to understand math in an individual setting. Our unique approach enables us to effectively explain math concepts and lend a helping hand to every student.

We foster a caring, encouraging, and fun environment that helps students of all ages thrive and learn!

4 – Pinpointing your learning needs

We pinpoint your learning needs, meet them where they are, and take them where they need to go.

We continually check progress along the way, to make sure you truly understand and retain the concepts we have taught.

The results are transformative. You will see measurable changes in attitude, confidence, and academic progress.

We build math knowledge upon what you already know and tailor our approach to fit your needs. This helps students of all ages learn quickly and boosts their confidence right away. 

5 – Making learning fun

We make learning fun by providing engaging lessons with enthusiastic teachers that speak to the interests of the students. Different ways to approach a problem are offered to help address different learning styles. We recognize and celebrate mathematical growth, and use mistakes as a learning tool.